Are you ever wondering what type of mobile phone unlock you need for your cellphone?   Not sure what all this unlock lingo really means?  Let me break it down to you real quick.


Blacklist (Bad Imei) & Factory Unlock (Worldwide Unlock)

Different wireless companies have different ways to unlock their mobile phones.  Not only different ways but to different extents, as well.  When it gets complicated they simply divide into two categories:  Blacklist unlock and factory unlock.



A phone that is blacklisted or a blacklist unlock on a mobile device and come to your eyes in many different forms.  Blacklist can can also be under the term: bad imei, bad esn, unbarring, blacklist cleaning and/or removal.  But they all typically mean the same thing… the wireless provider has placed a lock on it due to either being lost or stolen, blocked, EIP or nonpayment of bill, or fraud!


Now in unlock terms, a blacklist unlock will remove your phone from being “blocked” for one of these reasons.  If the phone is taken off blacklist then you will be able to use it for that company again or any sister company (Sister Company: Wireless companies that share the same towers.  Ex. T-mobile & Metropcs).  However, this is not a factory unlock.


Now the only wireless companies allowed to do a blacklist unlock are Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon.  Sprint Blacklist Unlock, T-mobile Blacklist Unlock, and Verizon Blacklist Unlock prices and timing can vary due to different carriers.


Factory Unlock

A factory unlock means that it can now be used on any company worldwide.  The IMEI or ESN of the iphone or android device has now been cleaned fresh and will never be bothered by the wireless provider again.  Good news for you right.


Now a factory unlock has make sure the imei is clean (clean imei) before this action is performed.  A factory unlock can also be under the term: Premium (100%) Unlock.  This is the reason if the phone is blacklisted and you’d like to move to another company it is a little more expensive than the phone being clean.  A phone clean is a phone paid off and completely yours.


Now for every company in the world can a factory unlocked  be performed.  I have some links below for the 4 main categories:


T-Mobile Factory Unlock


AT&T Factory Unlock


Sprint Factory Unlock


Verizon Factory Unlock



Hopefully this will help you understand the unlock concepts a little more.  I’d like to hear any comments or additional information you guys might like to add!  
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