There are many reasons to unlock your cell phone and we’re going to discuss the most important in this post.

Travel – The first reason is it could save you hundreds of dollars, when you travel. Especially internationally, you’re probably going to incur roaming charges. And for international travel this can be a huge amount. So how do you avoid the roaming charges?

If you have an unlocked mobile phone you can purchase a local SIM card at the country you’re visiting. This can often be done at the airport. Put the SIM card in your unlocked phone and you’re good to go. Using a local SIM card will reduce your calling fees to any local numbers because you won’t be racking up roaming charges. If you make a lot of local calls while you’re in the country this will save you a lot of money.

Resale value (Look at this as an investment)  – I have seen people flip their phones for an extra $300 for a simple $75 unlock.  The price of your phone goes up as soon as this happens.  Or if you’re like most people, after a year or so, you start tiring of your current cell phone and want something new with upgraded features. So what do you do with your old cell phone?

One option is to sell it on EBay or Craigslist. When you try to cell a locked phone you have a limited amount of potential customers. They only people who can buy your phone are people using the same network that you use. But if you’re phone is unlocked you’ve

just opened up your group of possible buyers considerably. Anyone on a plan that uses a GSM Network and SIM cards can buy your mobile phone and simply put their SIM card into the phone. With more possible buyers, you can charge a higher price for you phone. It’s all about the rule of “supply and demand.”

Connect your Mobile Phone again – A lot of the times someone will not pay their bill, lose their phone or have it stolen.  When this happens your mobile company will put a lock on the IMEI A.K.A your mobile phone is blacklisted or has a bad imei.  If you would like to connect your mobile phone with the same wireless provider or a sister company (Ex. T-mobile & Metro PCS use the same towers) then you would just need to clean the IMEI, which is why we offer these services exclusively.  Other unlock companies and websites won’t tell you this due to the fact that they want you to purchase the full unlock and make more money.

Wireless companies will try to scam you here as well saying you need to pay your bill or owe a balance.  Simply clean the IMEI which will clean from your account and you will be on your way!

Family & Friends – Once again, if your phone is locked only people on your network can use it. But if it’s unlocked anyone else can add their SIM card. Some of the people who you might want to consider giving your phone to include:

Friends or relatives who need a phone but can’t currently afford to buy a new one.

Charities such as women’s shelters. These cell phones are given to women who are trying to leave abusive situations and need cell phones to help protect themselves and their children.

These are the main reasons to consider unlocking your cell phone. We’ll be discussing more in future posts. If you’ve had a good experience with unlocking your phone we’d like to hear about it so drop us a line and let us know your unlocking story.

Is Cell Phone Unlocking Illegal? – Please… if it was illegal then how would all these local phone shops and websites still be operating.  If you want lawful proof read my blow on “How Did Cell Phone Unlocking Become Legal.”