You’ve probably heard that unlocking your cell phone improves it’s resale value. But why is that true? Why is an unlocked mobile phone worth more than an locked cell phone?

By unlocking your cell phone you increase your list of buyers by a huge number. When your phone is locked, the only people you can sell it to are people who are using the same network service as you. In other words, if you use AT&T the only potential buyers are other AT&T users.  However, if your phone is blacklisted you have an even bigger problem… NO ONE CAN USE THE PHONE ON ANY NETWORK!  A phone being blacklisted or a bad IMEI, means the phones IMEI is physically locked with the company for no further use.  This could be due to unpaid bills, lost/stolen, or fraudulent activity.  First things first if your phone is blacklisted, take it off blacklist and try to reach a customer using your same company.  If you do a Premium IMEI Unlock, meaning blacklist and factory unlock, now you may use for any company and the value of your phone goes up.

Once your phone is unlocked anyone on any GSM cell phone network with a SIM card can buy and use your phone. By increasing the number of your potential buyers you can sell your phone quicker and for more money. This can be especially true on EBay where the more bidders there are, the better chance there is of running the price up.

Another reason an unlocked phone can be such a big plus is this; you might have a really cool phone that is not available on certain networks. But by advertising that it’s unlocked, someone who loves your type of phone, but isn’t on your network, will still be able to buy and use your cell phone even though they can’t buy it from their provider.

The next reason the value of your cell phone increases is because the people who’ve bought it from you know it will be easier for them to resale it when the time comes. We all know when buyers are deciding on a car they always think of the resale value. They wonder, “What will this car be worth after I’ve driven it for five years?” With cell phones it’s more like, “What will this phone be worth after I’ve used it for six month?”

If your potential buyer travels internationally then having a phone that’s already unlocked will be a big plus. Using unlocked phones for travel can save hundreds of dollars of long-distance international roaming charges.

These are a few of the reasons that make your unlocked cell phone worth more than a locked phone. We’ll be discussing other reasons in upcoming posts. We’re always happy to hear about your experiences unlocking your phone and how it has improved your cell phone experience.

But what if you don’t know the first thing about unlocking a cell phone? That’s why we’re here. We’ve unlocked thousands of cell phones and we’re ready to help unlock yours too!  If you need more reasons to unlock your phone, read my blog on “Reasons to Unlock Your Mobile Phone” that will get you off your seat.